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Air Brush Memorial

The tradition of creating Air Brush memorial T-shirts to honor loved ones who have passed away has been a staple in inner cities for decades. These shirts allow individuals to keep the memory of their loved ones alive by showcasing a true representation of them for all to see. However, this practice is typically limited to close friends and family. As someone who believes that certain individuals impact our lives just as much as our loved ones, I wanted to extend this tradition to honor two of the most important figures in my life: Steve Jobs and Malcolm X.

To bring this vision to life, I collaborated with Airbrush Allstars, Philadelphia's oldest and most renowned Air Brush studio. Together, we designed memorial T-shirts that truly capture the essence of these two influential figures. By memorializing these individuals in this way, I hope to extend the tradition of Air Brush memorial T-shirts and honor those who have made a significant impact on my life.

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